The Reality

No one enjoys thinking about death. Maybe that is because we always feel as though our passing will occur in the distant future, or, maybe we are all just a little scared. In either case, the reality of the situation is that everyone — no matter what age, race or gender — will eventually pass. While that thought may be disheartening, it is assuring to know that there are programs to pre-plan our last wishes. By doing so, those who pre-plan have realized that the benefits greatly out-way the inexpensive costs. There is money to be saved. Loved ones can be helped. A part of us can live on forever. And professionals can be of great assistance. For these reasons, the decision is obvious; Pre-planning is necessary.

Save Money

Those individuals who pre-plan can save money by locking in current prices. And, since there is more time to make correct financial decisions, you will not have to worry about your loved ones — who, of course, are stressed and rushed — overspending.

Helping Those You Love

Pre-planning is an act of responsibility, an act of selflessness, and most importantly, pre-planning is an act of love. We all care for our loved ones, hoping that, even after we part, they remain satisfied and happy. If we neglect to pre-plan, these loved ones are left with an overwhelming amount of responsibilities, resulting in frustration and stress when they should be celebrating your life. And, on a similar note, during these frustrating and stressful times, your loved ones may make incorrect assumptions as to what your final wishes may have been. No one knows you better than yourself; relying on the flustered minds of your loved ones could result in an undesired portrayal of yourself. Show your compassion. Allow the ones you love to celebrate your life, and make sure they celebrate exactly how you hope they will.

Allowing Part of You To Live Forever

Once you create a pre-plan, the funeral home can hold onto any personal letters, photos, or objects. At the time of your passing, these items can be released to your loved ones — forever preserving the memories and wisdom you have developed over a lifetime. As the author Chuck Palahniuk once said: “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” At Bronze Stone Group, we believe that, although your physical presence may part, the memories and wisdom of each individual should remain eternal.

Working With A Professional

Discussing final plans with a love one can be a very difficult and uncomfortable task. Discussing these same plans with a professional who is trained in the field is much more comforting and useful considering all questions can be answered. Your funeral will be planned to your liking, and your memories will be preserved as you wish.

Necessary Planning

A great deal of our lives revolves around planning. Whether we are planning for an event of minor significance, such as a grocery shopping, or we are planning for a major event, such as retirement, planning consumes a lot of our time. That is just how our system works. Thus, our death plans should not be exempt. They are our final wishes, and they should be treated as a major event in our lives that deserves extensive planning. The time to start this planning is now. Spend the time now to save later.

We all wish to save money. We all want the best for our loved ones. We all hope that part of us will live on forever. We all could use the help of a professional. We all need to plan. We all deserve whatever our final wishes may be, and we all must take the time to make sure it all happens.